Master Movers

The Collaboration

Who Are Master Movers?
As a company, we have grown to the point where we can now cater to all aspects of the removalist industry, providing all of your removal needs including storage, pre-packing, boxes, specialist capabilities such as grand pianos, balcony drops, antique furniture and pool tables.

What Did They Need?
Social Media Management and A new website for delivering inquiries straight to the accounts team. Having grown an engaging audience on Instagram and Facebook, and developing a site with all the bells and whistles for this company to take their business to the next level.

The Result

What We Did.
Created an online presence, with a previous website from the early 2000s’, we created a new innovative space design to give a user a snapshot to Master Movers and who they are Including functionality and data tracking tools to help retarget and engage with their interested audience.

We took Master Movers to a new level, with their outdated platform, they weren’t sure where to start! Driving more business to the brand was our focus, this brand was able to do a complete turnaround with the help of Thinkk. Thankfully, Master Movers are natural-born leaders, and with Thinkk at their side, they continue to dominate the competition.


Facebook Ads

Understanding their audience better than anyone, Thinkk now manages their ad campaigns and continues to drive great traffic to Master Movers


Having a set of keywords they wanted to rank for, we were able to deliver better organic rankings that have shown a high return on investment for the brand.

Brand Overhaul

Redesigning all assets from letter heads, all the way through to business cards and fridge magnets, Master Movers now have a brand for this era.


A major overhaul saw the the company compete in the market and are now the leading Removalist’s on the Mornington Peninsula.
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