The Private Sea – New

The Collaboration

Who Are The Private Sea?
What started out as a small family-owned floatation centre has now become something where we can help, heal and motivate people into living a healthy fulfilling life. ‍
What Did They Need?
Assistance in paid advertising and targeting others with a keen interest in Health and wellness. Online growth and consistency of online branding and tone of voice.

The Result

What We Did.
Complete management of social platforms for The Private Sea, including social media marketing, and creating brand guidelines to create a consist design presence.

Beginning with sending more traffic to the site, we were able to track user activity and understand their patterns. Focussing on the data, we were able to understand what users interested in most and peel away anything unnecessary. While the site has seen a major facelift, and a better conversion rate, we continue to monitor user data to understand the mind of a customer


Facebook Ads

Understanding their audience better than anyone, Thinkk now manages their ad campaigns and continues to drive great traffic to Acquired Finance.

Instagram Ads

A personal space like Instagram requires a delicate approach. Growing their audience on IG has exposed the brand to new customers and helped build their following.


A complete overhaul of the companies branding guidelines, Thinkk introduced set guidelines that are actionable and have been implemented.


Introduction of new software to reduce human hours, Thinkk has revolutionised the way Acquired Finance staff work and execute tasks, reducing man hours and improving efficiency.

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